Creating Your Very Own Tea Blends

A while ago I bought a bag of the amazing Oprah Chai tea sold at Teavana (review coming soon). Spooning the tea into the strainer and curiously looking at the spices and seeds in between the leaves, I began to ponder to myself. A thought came to mind that this marvelous Chai tea could probably be recreated for more than half the price than purchased. Then came the revelation, I should start blending my own teas! Since then I have never looked back. So here’s a guide for you to start blending your very own teas:

  1. Buy your base tea (These are the 5 types of teas from the previous post). Don’t go crazy and buy all the bases at once, start off with buying one tea base! I started with black tea. You might also find that brewing your own tea is not your thing and then you have bags of tea to get through. Not ideal.
  2. Start building your spice collection! Buy some spice jars and store your spices in a cool dry space. Buy the more exotic spices from ethnic food markets or specialty spice stores. If you have green fingers then grow your own spices fresh, throw them in as and when you need them or drying them for later use.???????????????????????????????
  3. Buy tea storage canisters to store the new blends you are going to be creating. If you want to give your tea as gifts, buy cloth bags and decorate as you please! Most my friends don’t have tea pots so I bought 100 count fabric teabags online.
  4. Get creative! Remember to write down what proportions you are using so you can recreate it again.

If you need some help starting out, I will be posting my own recipes soon for you to follow along with.

Drink on!


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