Chai Tea Recipe

Chai tea originated in India but  recently has become more and more popular around the world. This aromatic blend of spices with black tea is one of my favorite drinks and here’s a recipe for you to follow along with:


1 ½ tsp                    Black tea leaves

¼ tsp                      Aniseed

½ tsp                      Whole peppercorns

1 inch                     Cinnamon Stick

1 ½ tsp                    Cloves

3                               Green Cardamom pods

2-3 slices               Dried Ginger


Brew for 3-4 minutes or to taste!

Note: I recommend using a lighter black tea such as Darjeeling this is because Assam will mask the taste of the rest of the flavors in the blend. You can also mix it up with Rooibos tea and add other ingredients such as carob and cacao nibs to give it more sweetness. I’m open to comments and recommendations so if anyone adds anything different and find it works let me know!

Drink on!


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