Review: Precious White Peach White Tea


Price: 14.98 for 2 oz

Ingredients: White tea, apple pieces, candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar, citric acid), rose hip peels, peach pieces (peach, rice, flour), artificial flavoring, lemon verbena, chamomile flowers, marigold petals.

Temperature: 175°F/79°C

Brew time: 4-5 min

So yet again I found myself in Teavana tasting the free samples they had out and just my luck they had their high quality Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea out. Whilst tasting this and talking to a sales agent I decided to be daring and try a white tea. After I said this the sales agent rushed off to the counter and took out a couple samples for me to smell and in the end I decided to purchase the Precious White Peach White Tea. The canister that held the leaves in store had a beautifully strong smell of peach and pineapple. So I went home and put the kettle on to try out my new tea! I was warned in store to make sure the water was at the right temperature so I busted out a thermometer and made sure that the temperature was exact. Finally to taste this tea! The taste is very different to black tea, it is light and delicate. This tea was already sweet but if you want to add sugar you are welcome to. When I let it brew longer the peach taste and smell grew stronger and I could detect more floral notes. I found it very refreshing and have been suggested that it tastes good iced so I will be trying that too. I very much enjoyed this tea and would probably buy again!

Rating: 4.5/5

Drink On!


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