Coconut Green Tea Recipe

This is a very simple recipe but I love the coconut addition to it. When making green tea I always use Davidson’s Organics Imperial Green Loose Leaf Tea. It is a stronger flavor but doesn’t leave a bitter taste in the mouth and it tastes great! You can buy it in bulk from their website or from amazon (It’s cheaper on Amazon).

For the coconut flavoring adding more shaved or shredded coconut doesn’t add any more flavor, it just makes your tea very oily. So to get that great coconut taste I found natural coconut flavoring from my local spice shop. The supermarkets will hold imitation coconut flavoring which is not as harsh on the wallet but it depends if you are okay with artificially flavored tea. I would recommend the natural extract but it is up to you!


16 oz                      Water

2 tsp                      Green tea

1 tsp                      Shaved or Shredded Coconut

1 tsp                      Coconut flavoring

Brew time: 2-3 minutes or to taste

Drink On!


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