Tea Brewing Accessories

Time for me to tell you about the bird and the teas (get it? :P) when it comes to tea accessories. Now, your tea accessories will depend on the type of tea that you drink. For example, Matcha drinkers will need different accessories such as a chawan (the bowl), a bamboo whisk and a scoop. However, if you’re into drinking just the standard loose leaf teas these are the accessories I think you definitely need:


  • Teapots: This is a no brainer, you need a good teapot to brew your tea in. I would also recommend getting tea pots of different size and materials. Click here to see my previous post for a guide to the type of teapot you need to buy.
  • Infusers: These are the best invention ever and come in different sizes and designs too! You can get just a simple tea ball or one that sits in your cup or a crazy cute design. Click here to check out an article which lists the most creative tea infuser designs (I want the rocket!). These are great if you are just making loose tea for yourself and don’t want to get the teapot out.
  • Tea tins/jars: I recommend getting good tea tins that don’t let any moisture or air into the tea as this can affect the taste of the tea. If like me you buy your loose leaf in bulk and it comes in a brown bag put it in the tea tin as soon as you get it. It will help it to last longer.
  • Porcelain or bone china tea cup: For me the type of cup I use really affects the taste of my tea. I have a porcelain tea cup and it just tastes a lot better. I have read articles about how porcelain is better for after taste and bone china is better for the body of the tea. I can’t comment much on this and it is for you to decide what you prefer!
  • Variable temperature kettle: If you are a tea connoisseur then you really need one of these. Depending on the type of tea you are having, the water will need to be a different temperature. For example black tea needs to be brewed at a higher temperature compared to white tea. This is on my wish list right now.

Some more accessories are labels for your tea tins (it’s beneficial to use the same tea in the same tin), measuring spoons, tea cup set and a tea tray (when you are serving tea to guests). Let me know what tea accessory you can’t live without!

Drink On!

Image taken from: http://blog.mightyleaf.com/tag/teaware/


3 thoughts on “Tea Brewing Accessories

  1. I love my infuser mugs. Particularly the Davids tea perfect and Nordic mugs because the infuser is large for the tea to expand and breathe but the holes are small so rooibos tea doesn’t end up in your cup!

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