A Tea Voyage Through LACMA

Recently I decided to go to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) as I have never been before and to see if I could find any interesting teapots and teacups on display. I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful and intricate tea sets they had on display! I will be going through a few of my favorite tea sets I saw throughout my visit and a little bit behind each one.

This four-piece tea set was designed by Josef Hoffman in Austria in 1922 and is made from silver and ivory. This set is one of only three in existence. Its sleek surfaces combined with its carved tulips on the ivory handles make it a beautiful masterpiece.


This teapot with Lid and Cup is inscribed with the Crest of John Deane. It was made in India, Mughal empire, c. 1725-32 and is made from Cobalt blue glass with gilding and a brass sprout. John Deane was the governor of Bengal for the English East India Company from 1723 to 1726 and 1728 to 1732.


This Ovalado tea set was designed by William Spratling in 1945. It is made out of silver and the handles are made out of rosewood with a conch shell motif. This design was inspired from Aztec designs as even though Spratling was an American architect, he settled in Mexico and continued his art from there.


Here are some more teapots and tea sets I found throughout the day! The museum closed before I could explore the teapots in the Chinese art collection so it looks like I will have to go back for round two of exploring LACMA. If you know of any other museums that have wonderfully delightful teapots and tea set that I must see then please comment below!

Drink On!