Mom’s Favorite Tea Recipe

In honor of Mother’s Day I thought I’d put up my Mom’s favorite tea recipe. It’s a simple one but very aromatic and tasty!

Serves: 1 person


1/2 Cinnamon Stick

6 cloves

1-2 tsp black tea leaves

8 oz water



1. In a whistling kettle put in 8 oz (or how many you are serving for) in with the cloves and the cinnamon.

2. Once this water has boiled, pour into a teapot with black tea leaves.

3. Brew for 3 to 4 mins and enjoy!

My mom serves with milk but you can have this without too.


Drink On!


Coconut Green Tea Recipe

This is a very simple recipe but I love the coconut addition to it. When making green tea I always use Davidson’s Organics Imperial Green Loose Leaf Tea. It is a stronger flavor but doesn’t leave a bitter taste in the mouth and it tastes great! You can buy it in bulk from their website or from amazon (It’s cheaper on Amazon).

For the coconut flavoring adding more shaved or shredded coconut doesn’t add any more flavor, it just makes your tea very oily. So to get that great coconut taste I found natural coconut flavoring from my local spice shop. The supermarkets will hold imitation coconut flavoring which is not as harsh on the wallet but it depends if you are okay with artificially flavored tea. I would recommend the natural extract but it is up to you!


16 oz                      Water

2 tsp                      Green tea

1 tsp                      Shaved or Shredded Coconut

1 tsp                      Coconut flavoring

Brew time: 2-3 minutes or to taste

Drink On!

Spiced Apple Tea Recipe

For a while I tried to make this tea into a premixed blend that could be stored but found it difficult to get a strong apple flavor without the use of artificial flavoring (which is not what I want to do). So I decided on a different technique and this gave me the strong apple flavor I wanted with using fresh ingredients. Also for this recipe, I dried my own apples. The instructions for that I will give in another post or if you really want to know just send me a message!


8 oz                        Water

½ cup                    Dried apples

1 inch                    Cinnamon Stick

¼ tsp                     Cloves

1 tsp                      Black/Rooibos Tea


  1. In a saucepan, bring the water to a boil
  2. Throw in the dried apples, cinnamon stick and cloves
  3. Simmer for 10 minutes
  4. After 10 minutes, turn off oven top and add in the tea. Depending on the tea, let it steep for 3-4 if using black tea or 5-10 if using rooibos tea
  5. Pour through baby sieve and enjoy!

Vanilla Rooibos Tea Recipe and Gifting Ideas


1 ½ tsp                  Rooibos tea leaves

½ tsp                     Natural vanilla essence or fresh vanilla bean pod

1 inch                    Cinnamon stick

Brew time is 5-10 minutes

If you are gifting to a friend who doesn’t have a teapot or a tea ball then these tea bags are a great idea. I made some little tabs for each type of tea just to complete the overall look.

2015-01-13 15.05.49

For the more cultured of your friends you can give your loose leaf blends in these little mason jars. You can ask for them back with the promise you’ll fill them with more tea!


Drink On!

Chai Tea Recipe

Chai tea originated in India but  recently has become more and more popular around the world. This aromatic blend of spices with black tea is one of my favorite drinks and here’s a recipe for you to follow along with:


1 ½ tsp                    Black tea leaves

¼ tsp                      Aniseed

½ tsp                      Whole peppercorns

1 inch                     Cinnamon Stick

1 ½ tsp                    Cloves

3                               Green Cardamom pods

2-3 slices               Dried Ginger


Brew for 3-4 minutes or to taste!

Note: I recommend using a lighter black tea such as Darjeeling this is because Assam will mask the taste of the rest of the flavors in the blend. You can also mix it up with Rooibos tea and add other ingredients such as carob and cacao nibs to give it more sweetness. I’m open to comments and recommendations so if anyone adds anything different and find it works let me know!

Drink on!